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Jason T. Black, Ph.D., LMT, AEFTP and Lisa Scallion-Black



Jason started his own personal healing journey back in 1994, while attending Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY and becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in both New York and Florida in 1995. He later attended the University of Rhode Island and earned his B.A. in Psychology and Sociology in 2002, followed by a Master's in Psychology in 2006. In 2012, Jason completed a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research from the University of Tennessee and in 2019 he completed rigorous testing requirements and met the high ethical standards to become a Certified EFT Professional and a founding member of the Association of EFT Professionals. Throughout this journey he has served as an adviser, counselor, coach, teacher, statistician, evaluator, and administrator and has played various roles in the field of psychology. 

Jason T. Black, Ph.D., LMT, AEFTP

Personal Notes

Jason is affected by cerebral palsy as a result of premature birth. This manifests as an obvious mobility/physical impairment, and fortunately left him with full cognitive functioning. Living with a physical disability has given him a unique perspective on health, well-being, self-acceptance, and healing. The challenges he has faced and overcome in life contribute to his effectiveness in helping others. Lisa makes and/or sells the items that are offered in our Ausaylula Well Shop to compliment the care that Jason provides.  They currently live in Florida with their son.

Lisa Scallion-Black

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