What is EFT?

Jason discovered EFT tapping in 2012 and has been sharing it with others since 2015. EFT, also referred to as energy tapping, meridian tapping, or just simply “tapping” is a powerful healing modality borrowing from both Chinese medicine and psychology. Application of this “psychological acupressure” is extremely beneficial in reducing mental, emotional and physical disturbances, as well as supporting overall well-being. Jason is a certified EFT practitioner, and brings his years of experience in psychology and the healing arts to his EFT sessions. He is passionate about healing, and believes that improvement is possible regardless of the circumstance. He approaches his work with empathy, intuition and compassion, with the intention of facilitating the best possible outcomes for his clients. He is especially interested in working with anxiety/depression, chronic physical illness, and career/work stress and burnout.

All sessions are conducted online over Zoom (preferably) or Skype so you can participate from any comfortable and convenient location you choose.

In addition to our individual sessions, we provide workshops and presentations to share our work with small and large groups in various settings. Please contact us for more information.   


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